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India: First death of coronavirus infected patient in UP

Gorakhpur, Apr 1 (PTI) Uttar Pradesh reported its first coronavirus-related death on Wednesday after test reports of a 25-year-old man, who died two days ago, came COVID-19 positive.

The man was admitted to the BRD Medical College here on Sunday and he was suffering from kidney and liver problems, the institute's principal Ganesh Kumar said.

India: Corona brings a smile on weak students' face

KANPUR: Corona Virus has done a good too. Students from class 1 to 8 have been promoted en masse. Those who failed to perform better in examinations felt happy at this decision. Even the parents too heaved a sigh of relief. 

As the results have been declared online on Tuesday, the mobile message was received by the and the students with high elation.

Reacting on the announcement of the final result a few parents who were unsure of their wards' success lost no time in exchange of congratulations to one another on knowing the result.

India: Man dies trying to walk back home from Delhi due to lockdown

Agra; 30 March 2020 (UMM):  A 38-year-old man has died on his way home from Delhi to Badfara village in Madhya Pradesh. He collapsed due to exhaustion and died of a heart attack Saturday in Agra, well over 100 km still to go.

Ranveer Singh worked as a delivery boy with a restaurant in Tughlakabad, Delhi.

India: Lack of money, food drove migrants back to home

Lucknow, Mar 29 (PTI) Labourers reaching Lucknow from Delhi and other states had a similar tale to narrate that they had no money and food, forcing them to return to their homes.

The state government has decided not to charge any ticket amount to any labourers, workers and families who are travelling in state-run buses, said Raj Shekhar, the managing director of the Uttar Pradesh State Roadways Transport Corporation.

From balcony, son looks at father buying vegetables in Jajmau

KANPUR: A strange scene was seen in Jajmau area of the district on Friday. When the parents need more quarantine in these tough times, the young sons are not extending helping hands to them. 

It is they who approach the vendors to buy daily needs and the sons look at them standing in the front side balcony. How cruel are they to their aged fathers?

In the afternoon one vendor appeared on the roadside. Hearing his voice, the elderly father approached him. He purchased whatever vegetables he required but his son did not come down. It a clear case of callousness.

Net recharge remains big problem in lockdown

KANPUR: There is a complete lockdown as the residents stay inside the house. What they fail to obtain is the net pack for mobile. The shops are not open so a large number of mobile recharge seekers hanker from one place to another. As they don't have the facility for the online system, they look out for the shops set up along the roads.

India: Exodus of workers chokes Delhi-UP border

New Delhi, Mar 27 (PTI) Thousands of migrant workers and daily wage workers crossed over to Uttar Pradesh on Friday and many others waited to do so, desperate to return to their distant villages even if it meant walking the entire way home.

Carrying their children, bags and any other belongings they could manage to bundle up, they walked in a steady flow of thousands from the National Capital Region (NCR) to their homes in Uttar Pradesh and beyond.

India: Left jobless by lockdown, workers on long march home

Badaun/Aligarh (UP), March 26 (PTI) A group of young men were forced by police to hop like frogs on a Badaun road for violating lockdown orders, the punishment reflecting the tough time migrant labourers face as measures to fight coronavirus leave them jobless.

The three or four men seen in a video clip are among hordes making their way to their homes in Uttar Pradesh after losing the jobs they held in the bigger towns and cities.

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