Haiti to reopen textile factories despite virus fears

PORT-AU-PRINCE, April 16 (NNN-AGENCIES) — Haiti will reopen its key textile industry next week, Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe said, suggesting the impoverished nation had escaped the worst of the global coronavirus pandemic by imposing early on a state of emergency.

The poorest country in the western hemisphere typically struggles to fight serious disease outbreaks due to its high population density, lack of water and sanitation infrastructure and inadequate health services.

Haiti hospital chief kidnapped amid coronavirus emergency

PORT-AU-PRINCE, March 28 (NNN-AGENCIES) — The director of one of Haiti’s top hospitals has been kidnapped, prompting staff to refuse to take in new patients as the impoverished country battles coronavirus amid a spike in gang violence.

Dr. Jerry Bitar, a surgeon, was kidnapped shortly after leaving his home on Friday to go to work at Hospital Bernard Mevs.

“Hospital staff decided not to take any new cases for the time being,” administrative assistant Carla Puzo said. “We will continue to look after those already here

Haiti hospital chief kidnapped amid coronavirus emergency

PORT-AU-PRINCE (Reuters) - The director of one of Haiti’s top hospitals was kidnapped on Friday, prompting staff to refuse to take in new patients in protest as the impoverished country battles an outbreak of the novel coronavirus amid a spike in gang violence.

Dr. Jerry Bitar, a surgeon, was kidnapped shortly after leaving for work at Hospital Bernard Mevs from his home in an upmarket neighborhood of the capital, hospital staff told Reuters.

Disgruntled Haitian police attack army HQ

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Feb 24 (NNN-AGENCIES) — Haitian police demanding better working conditions shot up the army headquarters Sunday, the head of the armed forces said.

Media reports said six people were wounded in the attack in Port-au-Prince.

“We are under siege. We are coming under fire with all kinds of weapons — assault rifles, Molotov cocktails, tear gas,” General Jodel Lessage said.

Gunfire rocks Haitian capital in Carnival police protest

PORT-AU-PRINCE (Reuters) - Violent clashes erupted in the Haitian capital on Sunday, with two Reuters witnesses observing shots being fired until late at night, as police stepped up their protest over pay and conditions.

The clashes were the most violent since police, this time heavily armed, started protesting at the end of last year as the impoverished Caribbean island nation struggles with a prolonged economic and political crisis.

Haiti officials say 15 children died in residence fire

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — A fire swept through a Haitian children’s home run by a Pennsylvania-based religious nonprofit group, killing 15 children, officials said Friday.

Rose-Marie Louis, a child-care worker at the home, told The Associated Press that the fire began around 9 p.m. Thursday and firefighters took about 90 minutes to arrive. The orphanage had been using candles for light due to problems with its generator and inverter, she said.

About half of those who died were babies or toddlers and the others were roughly 10 or 11 years old, Louis said.

Haiti braces for more upheaval after big protest

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — Haitians braced for more upheaval on Saturday as opposition leaders, emboldened by a massive protest demanding the resignation of President Jovenel Moïse, pledged to remain on the streets.

Friday marked one of the largest demonstrations since the protests began weeks ago as opposition supporters say they are tired of corruption, ballooning inflation and a shortage of basic goods. They also called on other countries to withdraw support for Moïse, blaming him for Haiti’s economic and social problems.

Amid logjam, Haiti asks: Will president or protesters yield?

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — The operation dubbed “Find Jovenel Moïse” organized by opposition leaders demanding the resignation of Haiti’s president ended abruptly when he appeared at the National Palace early this week following violent protests in which several people were killed.

Haitians had become so accustomed to not seeing their president in person amid a deepening political and economic crisis that his arrival at the palace Tuesday took protesters by surprise, with only a handful of them present to pelt his convoy with rocks.

New protest hit Haiti amid demands that president resign

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — Thousands of demonstrators set fires Monday and chanted calls for Haiti’s president to resign as the opposition to Jovenel Moïse tried to increase pressure for him to leave office. Protesters said several people were hit by gunfire, including a local journalist.

Schools, businesses and government offices were closed as protesters gathered chanting, “Down with Jovenel!”

Haiti’s president calls for unity government, protesters demand resignation

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Sept 26 (NNN-AGENCIES) — Haiti’s President Jovenel Moise called for a unity government in a rare address to the nation on Wednesday as he faced a brewing political crisis and intensifying protests after a ruling-party senator fired a pistol to disperse a crowd.

Residents of the Western Hemisphere’s poorest nation have been incensed at widespread fuel and food shortages, a weakening currency, double-digit inflation and accusations that officials stole public money.

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