Heat wave kills 19 in Canada

AFP; Montreal, Jul 5 : A heatwave in Quebec has killed at least 19 people in the past week as high summer temperatures scorched eastern Canada, health officials said.

Twelve of the dead were reported in the eastern province's capital Montreal, said regional public health director Mylene Drouin.

The Tribune newspaper said five of the deaths occurred in the past 48 hours in the Eastern Townships, a rural area just east of the city.And late Wednesday two more deaths blamed on the heat were recorded in a Montreal suburb, Radio Canada reported.

Deep divisions in G7 Summit

Deep rift was quite clear among the leaders of the G7 nations gathered in La Malbaie, Canada, leading Trump to suggest for some kind of joint statement to re-examine commercial relationships before summit ends.

The rift is mainly due to the US leader's aggressive imposition of tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, that threatens to spiral into a trade war, and his statements about Russia coming back to the party.

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