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'Please help us': Migrants, exposed to freezing Bosnia winter, await chance to reach EU

BIHAC, Bosnia (Reuters) - Hundreds of migrants are taking shelter in abandoned buildings in and around the northwestern Bosnian town of Bihac, wrapping up as best they can against the snow and freezing weather and hoping eventually to reach EU member Croatia across the border.

Bosnia has since early 2018 become part of a transit route for thousands of migrants from Asia, the Middle East and North Africa aiming to reach Europe’s wealthier countries.

Hundreds of migrants freezing in heavy snow in Bosnia camp

BIHAC, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) — Hundreds of migrants were stranded Saturday in a squalid, burnt-out tent camp in Bosnia as heavy snow fell in the country and winter temperatures suddenly dropped.

Migrants at the Lipa camp in northwest Bosnia wrapped themselves in blankets and sleeping bags to protect against the biting winds in the region, which borders European Union member Croatia.

Bosnia Herzegovina: Fire breaks out at squalid migrant camp in Bosnia

BIHAC, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) — A huge fire broke out Wednesday at a temporary migrant camp in northwestern Bosnia that has been strongly criticized by rights groups as unsuitable due to its lack of resources.

Thick black smoke could be seen rising from the Lipa tent camp near the Croatian border that currently houses 1,200 migrants. Residents were seen running away in panic but there were no immediate reports of injuries.

The cause of the fire was not immediately known.

Bosnian city of Mostar holds 1st local election in 12 years

MOSTAR, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) — Long-entrenched ethno-nationalists were projected to win the first local election in Bosnia’s southern city of Mostar in 12 years, but early results of Sunday’s vote also indicated multiethnic parties and alliances would be a strong part of the future city council.

Bosnia Muslims mourn their dead 25 years after Srebrenica massacre

SREBRENICA, July 11 (NNN-AGENCIES) — Bosnian Muslims on Saturday mark 25 years since the Srebrenica massacre, the worst atrocity on European soil since World War II, with the memorial ceremony sharply reduced as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Organisers said the number of people attending the anniversary – usually in the tens of thousands – is likely to be lower than usual because of lockdown measures aimed at stemming the spread of COVID-19.

Proceedings are scheduled to start in the morning.

China, BiH sign MOU on medical science cooperation

SARAJEVO, April 2 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Ji Ping signed a memorandum of understanding with BiH Minister of Civil Affairs Ankica Gudeljevic on Thursday to strengthen the medical science cooperation of the two countries.

Entrusted by China's National Health Commission, Ji signed the Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in the Field of Health and Medical Science between the National Health Commission and the BiH Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Slovenia says sole nuclear power plant unaffected by Croatia quake

SARAJEVO (Reuters) - Slovenia’s only nuclear power plant, Krsko (NEK), has not been affected by a large earthquake which hit neighboring Croatia early on Sunday but authorities said it had started inspecting systems and equipment as a normal preventive action.

“The nuclear power plant continues to operate at full power,” said Igor Sirc, director of the Slovenian Nuclear Safety Administration.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sarajevo Citizens Demonstrate Over Air Pollution

SARAJEVO, Jan 21 (NNN-XINHUA) – Peaceful protests were held by Sarajevo residents, over problem of air pollution in the capital, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

“We want to make citizens aware that there is more potential for certain activities to be undertaken, so that our children do not inhale poisoned air,” Sanjin Gijo, one of the protesters said.

Migrants in Bosnia refuse to move from forest camp

VUCJAK (Bosnia), Dec 7 (NNN-AGENCIES) — Bowing to international pressure, Bosnian authorities agreed on Friday to dismantle a makeshift refugee camp of freezing snow-covered tents, but some migrants living there have been refusing food in protest at being resettled.

The migrants, who are eager to reach the European Union, say they do not want to be rehoused further away from the Croatian border, which lies just 8 km away.

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