Algerian court jails journalist three years

11 Aug 2020; MEMO: An Algerian court on Monday sentenced a journalist and activist to three years in prison on charges of harming national unity, a rights group that defends detainees said.

The court in the capital, Algiers, also handed a four-month jail sentence to two other activists for the same charges, according to the National Committee for the Release of Detainees. Justice Ministry officials could not be reached for comment.

Algeria: We seek to strengthen neighbourly ties with Morocco

05 Aug 2020; MEMO: Algerian President Abdelmajid Tebboune yesterday stressed his country’s unwavering aspiration for closer, good, neighbourly ties with Morocco.

This came in a congratulatory telegram sent to the Moroccan monarch, King Mohammed VI, on the occasion of “Throne Day” which was celebrated on 30 July, according to the official Moroccan News Agency.

Tebboune said Algeria is constantly seeking closer brotherly ties, good neighbourliness and cooperation between the Algerians and Moroccans.

Algerian leader secures fugitive officer from Turkey after phone call with Pres Erdogan

ALGIERS, Aug 5 (NNN-AGENCIES) — Algeria’s president phoned his Turkish counterpart to secure the return of a fugitive military official who fled Algeria days after its powerful army chief died in December, a security source said.

Guermit Bounouira was handed over to Algerian security officials in Turkey on last Thursday, accused of leaking military secrets, and brought before a military court on Monday in Blida prison southwest of Algiers.

Algeria: ex-Prime Minister faces prison but ‘does not regret his decisions’

10 July 2020; MEMO: Former Algerian Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia has said that he does not regret the decisions that he made when in office, and that he would do the same again if necessary. At all times, he insisted, he respected the law when making his decisions.

Algerian protest leader jailed

ALGIERS, June 23 (NNN-AGENCIES) — One of the leaders of the protests which have rocked Algeria for the past 16 months has been sentenced to a year in prison.

Amira Bouraoui, 44, was convicted on six counts, including “insulting Islam”, “insulting the president” and “incitement to violate lockdown” during the coronavirus pandemic.

Her lawyer, Mustapha Bouchachi, condemned the verdict. “This conviction is unjust, there is no evidence. We are going to appeal,” he said.

Algerian President Supports Constitutional Amendments Allowing Army To Act Abroad

ALGIERS, June 14 (NNN-APS) – Algerian President, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, advocated the draft constitution, allowing the armed forces to participate in missions outside the country.

“It would be possible, according to the proposed amendments to the constitution, that our armed forces to act abroad, as part of peacekeeping missions of the United Nations,” Tebboune said, in a press briefing.

President Tebboune stressed, “the participation of Algerian armed forces in missions outside the country’s border is not aimed at raiding any country but rather to maintain peace.”

Algeria eases coronavirus restrictions, allows businesses to reopen

26 April 2020; MEMO: Algeria has taken further steps to ease restrictions over the novel coronavirus by allowing several businesses to reopen “to reduce the economic and social impact of the health crisis” caused by the pandemic, the prime minister’s office said on Saturday, Reuters reports.

Algeria extends coronavirus lockdown to April 29

19 April 2020; MEMO: Algeria will extend a lockdown by 10 days until April 29 as it tries to limit the spread of the coronavirus amid increases in deaths and confirmed cases, the prime minister’s office said on Saturday.

The government had imposed a full lockdown in the Blida area, south of the capital Algiers, and a night curfew in the country’s remaining 47 provinces until April 19.

Algeria Declares Nationwide Lock-down As COVID-19 Death Toll Hits 130

ALGIERS, Apr 5 (NNN-APS) – Algeria declared a nationwide lock-down to slow down the spread of COVID-19, which claimed 130 lives in the country.

The Algerian government, said that, a full lock-down has been maintained in the epicentre of the virus outbreak, the province of Blida.

Meanwhile, in nine provinces including Algiers, Oran, Medea, Setif, Ain Defla, Bejaia, Tizi Ouzou, Tlemcen and Tipaza, a partial lock-down will continue from 3.00 p.m. to 7.00 a.m., the statement added.

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