Kuwait may charge Bangladesh envoy in human trafficking case

11 July 2020; MEMO: Details of human trafficking in Kuwait which saw the arrest of an MP from Bangladesh suggests that the scandal is not simply a case of one single rogue lawmaker. It now seems that Dhaka’s very own ambassador to the Gulf state is embroiled in criminal activity normally associated with the criminal underworld.

Kuwait banks warn of millions in losses as loan repayments are delayed

07 July 2020; MEMO: A number of Kuwaiti banks have warned of millions of dollars in losses due to delays of repayments of loans amidst the outbreak of the coronavirus which is threatening the country’s economy, RT reported yesterday.

Kuwaiti National Bank, the largest bank in the country, said: “The total losses due to delayed instalments by customers, housing and credit card repayments are expected to hit 130 million dinars [$422.5 million].”

Kuwait, Saudi Arabia restart production at Khafji field

03 July 2020; MEMO: Production has resumed at the Al-Khafji joint oil field located in the neutral zone between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, the acting CEO of the Kuwait Gulf Oil Company said Thursday, Anadolu reports.

Output at the field had been suspended since June 1 according to a decision by the Khafji Operations Joint Executive Committee, Abdullah Al-Sumaiti said in a press release.

Kuwait int'l airport to fully reopen next year

KUWAIT CITY, June 30 (Xinhua) -- Kuwait will fully resume commercial flights at Kuwait International Airport on August 1, 2021, the Kuwaiti civil aviation administration said Tuesday.

Kuwait's Directorate-General for Civil Aviation announced on Tuesday the details of the operational plan for the return of commercial flights at Kuwait International Airport.

On March 13, Kuwait suspended all commercial flights as part of the efforts to curb the rapid rise of coronavirus cases.

Kuwait considers cutting subsidies for citizens to save money

29 June 2020; MEMO: Kuwait’s minister of finance yesterday discussed economic reforms which include the gradual cutting of subsidies for citizens within the framework of measures to rescue public finances which have been hard hit by the coronavirus and a global drop in oil prices.

92,000 expats left Kuwait in the past 3 months

22 June 2020; MEMO: More than 92,000 expatriates left Kuwait in April, May and June through Kuwait International Airport, the Director of Operations at the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) at Kuwait International Airport, Mansour Al-Hashimi, said.

Al-Hashimi said the expats included residents as well as violators of residency regulations who left aboard 600 flights.

Kuwait corruption case links senior official’s son to China business, Malaysia officials

18 June 2020; MEMO: A key partner in a high-profile corruption case in Kuwait, which involves the son of a former senior official, is one of the founding owners of a New York-based investment company that runs portfolios and investment funds, local media has reported.

Kuwait will no longer employ expats in oil sector

11 June 2020; MEMO: Kuwait’s Minister of Oil and acting Minister of Electricity and Water, Dr. Khaled Al Fadil announced yesterday that the Gulf state will no longer hire expatriate workers in state-owned Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) and its subsidiaries for the year 2020-21.

The minister also announced, during a parliamentary session held to discuss the repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic, that the number of special contracts awarded to expats will be reduced.

Kuwaiti MP calls for probing “Hindutva” doctors treating Arab petients

Kuwait City; 09 June 2020 (UMMN): A powerful parliamentarian in Kuwait has called for probing “Hindu doctors and nurses” to check if they are killing Arab Muslims by wrong medication.

In a tweet, Member of Kuwaiti National Assembly Mohammad Haif Al Mutairi urged his country’s Health Minister to immediately halt all health services-related contracts with India.

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