115 Elephants Die In Zimbabwe’s Largest Game Park Due To Drought

HARARE, Nov 12 (NNN-AGENCIES) – At least 115 elephants died, at the country’s largest game reserve, since Sept this year, due to shortage of food and water.

Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZimParks) spokesperson, Tinashe Farawo said, water reservoirs were drying up, in the Hwange National Park, following a drought this year, the state-controlled Herald newspaper reported.

Zimbabwe fires striking doctors

HARARE, Nov 6 (NNN-AGENCIES) — The government of Zimbabwe has fired 77 doctors who have been taking part in a strike since September over pay.

Last month a court ruled that the strike was illegal and ordered them back to work but they defied the ruling.

Hundreds of doctors, who are also on strike, are waiting to know their fate as the government looks determined to keep playing hardball.

Zimbabwe is in the midst of an economic crisis and high inflation has severely eroded people’s earnings.

Starvation kills 55 elephants in Zimbabwe’s biggest park

HARARE, Oct 24 (NNN-AFRICANEWS) — At least 55 elephants have starved to death in the past two months in Zimbabwe’s biggest national park as a serious drought forces animals to stray into nearby communities in search of food and water, authorities said.

“The problem is real, the situation is dire,” said National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority spokesman Tinashe Farawo. Other animals such as lions at Hwange National Park have been affected.

Zimbabwe President To Address Anti-Sanctions Rally

HARARE, Zimbabwe, Sept 3 (NNN-AGENCIES) – Zimbabwean President, Emmerson Mnangagwa, is expected to address party supporters, set to gather in Harare for an anti-sanctions solidarity march, this Thursday (Sept 5).

The Herald newspaper reported that the march is in support of Southern African Development Community (SADC) member states, who are calling for the removal of sanctions imposed on the country, by the United States and the European Union in the early 2000’s.

Zimbabwe's capital forcibly declared shutdown after police ban opposition protest

HARARE, Aug. 16 (Xinhua) -- Shops, banks and retail outlets in Zimbabwe's capital Harare were closed on Friday after the High Court banned a planned demonstration by the opposition MDC Alliance.

By 12 noon local time, all the shops in the central business (CBD) district including banks and major retail outlets had closed.

At mid-morning, a handful of opposition supporters tried to defy the ban and march through the streets of Harare but police moved in and fired tear gas to disperse the protesters.

Zimbabwe's Mnangagwa urges nation to shun violence, corruption

HARARE, Aug. 12 (Xinhua) -- Zimbabwean president Emmerson Mnangagwa on Monday urged Zimbabweans to shun violence and corruption and focus their efforts in rebuilding the economy.

The president made the remarks in his address to the nation at the National Heroes Acre to mark this year's 39th Heroes Day, held every year to remember fallen and living gallant sons and daughters of the country who fought to bring Zimbabwe's independence from Britain in 1980.

‘We are trapped’: Zimbabwe’s economic crunch hits passports

HARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) — With Zimbabwe’s economy in shambles and political tensions rising, leaving the country seems the best option for many who are desperate for jobs. But those dreams often end at the passport office, which doesn’t have enough foreign currency to import proper paper and ink.

A passport now takes no less than a year to be issued. An emergency passport can take months amid a backlog of 280,000 applications, never mind recent ones.

Zimbabwe mine blast kills 8

HARARE, May 27 (Xinhua) -- At least eight people died at a mine in Mazowe, about 40 km north of Harare, after a mine shaft they were working in collapsed following an explosion, the information department in the Zimbabwean government said Monday.

The Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services posted on Twitter that the incident involved illegal miners.

Air Zimbabwe plane catches fire mid-air

HARARE, April 29 (Xinhua) -- An Air Zimbabwe plane caught a "brief tail pipe fire" mid-air on Sunday after suffering a malfunction on one of its engines, the airline said in a statement Monday.

"However, the malfunction did not threaten the continuation of the flight and safety of the crew and passengers on board and it landed safely in Harare at 2030hrs. Our engineers have commenced the requisite investigations and a report will be issued in due course," the airline said.

The Boeing 767-200ER servicing flight UM462 was flying from Johannesburg to Harare.

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