Argentina: Battle brews for control of Latin American lender as some reject Trump candidate

BUENOS AIRES/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A battle is brewing for control of Latin America’s main development bank.

On one side, U.S. President Donald Trump is looking to combat the rising influence of China; on the other, there is a quiet rebellion of countries chafing at losing control of their regional lender.

Argentina to pursue new deal with IMF if debt renegotiation talks fail

BUENOS AIRES, Aug. 2 (Xinhua) -- Argentina will pursue a debt refinancing program with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) if its current debt renegotiation with private creditors fails to lead to an agreement, Economy Minister Martin Guzman said on Sunday.

To avoid defaulting on more than 66 billion U.S. dollars in foreign debt, Argentina's government has proposed some debt alleviation and a longer repayment schedule.

So far, creditors have rejected Argentina's terms, but the country "does not have the capacity to offer more," Guzman told a local daily.

Argentina cranks up lockdown in capitalas as corona cases rise

BUENOS AIRES, June 27 (NNN-AGENCIES) — Argentina President Alberto Fernandez announced on Friday a toughening of lockdown measures in the capital Buenos Aires and its surrounding area as coronavirus cases are on the rise.

“We’re going back to closing the Buenos Aires metropolitan area so that traffic dramatically decreases, to reduce infections and the need for (hospital) beds,” said Fernandez.

From July 1 “we’re going to ask everyone to return to isolation at home and to only leave to fetch provisions for daily life,” he said.

Argentina extends $65 billion debt deadline to July 24 after talks stall

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Argentina will extend a deadline for $65 billion debt restructuring talks by more than a month, the country’s economy ministry said late on Friday, after negotiations with creditors stalled this week leaving a deal hanging in the balance.

The extension to July 24 comes with creditors and the government at an impasse, with one bondholder group slamming the negotiations this week as a “failure”. Reuters reported that the Friday deadline would be pushed back.

2 million year old fossil of frog found in Argentina

BUENOS AIRES, June 9 (NNN-AGENCIES) — Argentine paleontologists have uncovered fossilized remains of a rare species of frog that lived two million years ago, the science and technology agency at the La Matanza national university said.

“We know very little about prehistoric frogs and toads,” said Federico Agnolin, a researcher at the Natural Science Museum.

“Frogs and toads are very sensitive to climate and environmental changes, which makes them an important source to understand past climates.”

Argentina misses deadline on international debt agreement

BUENOS AIRES, May 10 (NNN-AGENCIES) — Argentina missed a Friday deadline to reach an agreement with international creditors to restructure its massive debt, but negotiations will continue, its minister for the economy said.

The two sides have been deadlocked over Argentina’s $65 billion debt, with the three main bondholder groups rejecting a government restructuring proposal, saying they were unwilling to swallow “disproportionate” losses on their investment.

“Argentina is maintaining a dialogue,” economy minister Martin Guzman told reporters on Friday.

Argentina debt deadlock remains as president says talks to continue

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Argentina’s President Alberto Fernandez said on Saturday that talks with bondholders to restructure $65 billion of the country’s foreign debt would continue with the two sides still deadlocked over what the final offer should look like.

Fernandez, a center-left Peronist, tweeted that he and economy minister Martin Guzman continued to “dialogue in good faith” with creditors with the aim of reaching a sustainable agreement after a deadline to do so expired on Friday.

Venezuela to refer issue of armed invasion attempt to UN Security Council — president

BUENOS AIRES, May 6. /TASS/: The Venezuelan government will request the UN Security Council to offer an assessment of the attempted armed invasion into the Bolivarian Republic in early May, President Nicolas Maduro said on Wednesday.

"We will turn to the UN Security Council. I tasked the foreign minister and our envoy to New York with filing a complaint to the UN SC <...> in order to secure legitimate international protection for Venezuela," he said during an online press conference broadcast on Twitter.

As virus cases surge, Brazil starts to worry its neighbors

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — Brazil’s virtually uncontrolled surge of COVID-19 cases is spawning fear that construction workers, truck drivers and tourists from Latin America’s biggest nation will spread the disease to neighboring countries that are doing a better job of controlling the coronavirus.

Prisoners Rebel In Prison In Buenos Aires Over COVID-19 Fears

BUENOS AIRES, Apr 25 (NNN-PRENSA LATINA) – Prisoners in a federal prison in the Villa Devoto district of Argentina, set fire to mattresses and threw stones, chairs, and metal parts, from the roof of the detention centre, onto the police on the ground, images on TN television showed.

A banner read: “We refuse to die in prison.”

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