Registration Steps

Please read T&C and the Code of Conduct before registering.

After filling online registration form and clicking 'Create new account' button; you will be sent an email with a hyperlink to confirm your email address (if auto generated email is muted to stop BOT registration, your registration will be manually activated and you will receive an email). You will need to click the hyperlink within two hours of receiving the email to complete the registration process.

If you can't see an email then check your Spam/Junk folder. It's an auto-generated email, and you may see some unsafe warning when you open the email (mainly Gmail accounts), but clicking on hyperlink is harmless.

Registration to leave comments is simple one step process. Registration for Reporter is two step process. Please refer HELP page for further info.

Note: Registrations that have been inactive for more than 4 weeks may be cancelled. This is to restrict spam registrations.

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